Victor Oladipo Pledges $100,000 to Dunk Cancer in Partnership With Anthem Foundation

On November 27, the Anthem Foundation announced a slam-dunk partnership with Indiana Pacers shooting guard Victor Oladipo. The foundation named Oladipo as its newest Anthem Health Champion in recognition of his efforts to bring awareness to the health issues facing surrounding communities and to promote healthy lifestyles among individuals and families.

Photo: Victor Oladipo

Photo: Victor Oladipo

As part of the partnership, Anthem Inc.’s philanthropic arm is pledging to contribute $1,000 to Oladipo's charity, Dunk Cancer, for each dunk scored by the NBA All-Star this season. The funds will go towards cancer prevention and treatment research, with Oladipo pledging to donate at least $100,000 to support those affected by cancer.

A former Indiana University standout, Oladipo became passionate about giving back and promoting health and wellness in his community five years ago. In 2013, after unexpectedly losing his junior high school basketball coach, Oladipo decided to launch Dunk Cancer, a charitable initiative that creates fundraising campaigns to support cancer research and help find a cure for individuals affected by the disease.

"I'm honored to be an Anthem Health Champion and passionately committed to helping fund cancer research and support individuals and families affected by this tragic disease to overcome their battles," Oladipo stated. "This initiative motivates me to be even better on the court so I can help those off the court."

Oladipo is in good company as the newest Anthem Health Champion, joining athletes like Billie Jean King, Michael Phelps, CC Sabathia, Eli Manning, Glenn Robinson III and Jake Steinfeld.

If basketball fans weren’t impressed by Oladipo’s jaw-dropping dunks enough already, he and Anthem just gave them another reason to be.

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