Matthew Boyd Provides Aid to Ugandan Girls Forced Into Commercial Sex

Detroit Tigers pitcher Matthew Boyd is using his new foundation to rescue dozens of girls from sex trafficking and to combat the growing sex slavery industry around the globe. Boyd and his wife, Ashley, recently formed Kingdom Home, a faith-based nonprofit organization dedicated to ending the cycle of sexual abuse and modern day slavery in Uganda. 

Photo: Kingdom Home

Photo: Kingdom Home

Sex trafficking and forced labor have become leading global crises among children and adults. In 2016, a study from the United Nations International Labor Organization found that an estimated 3.6 million adults and 1 million children were the victims of forced sexual exploitation. Already supporters of Remember Nhu, an organization that works to prevent child sex slavery, the Boyds were quickly drawn to the cause when they were faced with the decision to lend a hand in an even bigger way.

They began their own personal mission to support girls forced into the commercial sex trade after learning about Dorothy Stella, a widow in East Africa facing financial difficulties after trying to provide shelter for 36 girls who had recently escaped from their captors. After much consideration about the best way to help, the Boyds began providing the girls with basic needs like food and clothing as well as a safe place to live.

"Our goal is for them [victims of sex trafficking] to no longer be at risk for child sex slavery," stated Ashley. "If we give them a skill and a value beyond selling their bodies, they will be successful and we will reach our goal."

Last year after the end of the Tigers’ 2018 season, the Boyds traveled to Uganda to spend time with the girls in person. During their visit, they provided each of the girls with a backpack, a new pair of shoes and school supplies. The couple plans to travel to Uganda again in the fall when the Tigers' 2019 season ends. They also continue to raise funds to support the girls.

On March 16, prior to the start of the Tigers’ recent exhibition game in Lakeland, Florida, the Boyds held a fundraiser for Kingdom Home at Topgolf in Tampa Bay to support the organization’s efforts. They plan to host another Topgolf event in Auburn Hills, Michigan, on May 20. Over the next three years, the Boyds’ goal is to raise enough money to buy land and build four new shelters, while also continuing to provide food, clothing, and other necessities. 

A one-time donation or monthly sponsorship payments can change the lives of children impacted by sexual slavery. Visit to learn how you can help.

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