Kyle McClellan Supports Community Development Efforts in St. Louis and Haiti

Former MLB pitcher and World Series champion Kyle McClellan is on a mission to assist under-resourced families and children with housing stability and other basic needs. A St. Louis native, McClellan has been conducting housing renovation projects for the past few years through a collaboration with Tabernacle Community Development Corporation (TCDC), a St. Louis-based nonprofit organization that provides services based on the principles of education, empowerment and economics. 

Photo: Kyle McClellan

Photo: Kyle McClellan

In 2014, McClellan formed Brace for IMPACT 46, a foundation that aims to improve lives in St. Louis as well as Haiti. McClellan launched his foundation after a mission trip to Haiti with his wife, pledging to enhance the lives of those in need by providing stables homes, education, job creation, medical care and clean water for children and families. McClellan's experience in Haiti taught him the significance of making a commitment to community development in his hometown too.

"One of the things I'm proud of is that I am from St. Louis," states McClellan. "I love this city. I love being from here. I love raising my family here. But I can't stand the negative perception that our city has nationally or even here locally, the way people talk about it…And for me, I'm not going to sit around and contribute to that. Don't just sit here and talk about the problems. Go and be a problem solver."

Through TCDC’s partnership with Brace for IMPACT 46 and other local corporations, the organization has purchased several properties in the North City section of St. Louis, hiring an estimated 45 to 55 local contractors per project to renovate homes and thus contribute to community development in the area. 

You can support the efforts of Brace for IMPACT 46 in North St. Louis and Haiti by making a donation on the foundation’s website or purchasing a Brace for IMPACT 46 T-shirt.

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