Derrick Rose Is Awarding $400,000 in College Scholarships to Student Leaders

Minnesota Timberwolves point guard Derrick Rose is giving high school students with proven leadership skills the chance to earn a college scholarship. The program is called Rose Scholars.  Rose knows full well that higher education is an expensive proposition and that not all people with the skills and aptitude for college will have the opportunity to attend. Rose’s program is looking to change that.

Photo: NBA.COM

Photo: NBA.COM

According to a news release, the Rose Scholars program will focus "on students who are civically minded and demonstrate a willingness to lead.” Rose says, “I hope to provide students a path to college that was not previously available to them.”

The eligibility rules for Rose Scholars are as follows:

The program is open to high school sophomore, junior + senior students who are civically minded and have an instinct to lead. He is gifting 1 grand prize winner up to $200,000, paid out $25k per semester for 4 years + 2 smaller winners for up to $20k (paid out fall 2018, 1 time payment).

Enter your school as well as personal information to give us some insight.  

  • Type out an essay (600 words or less)

  • Upload a post on your public social media page, a photo and/or video that includes #RoseScholars2018 and shows us why + how you have been a leader in your community.

There are many ways for students to serve as leaders in their communities, and Rose Scholars embraces the idea that student voices matter, that student activism matters. Rose previously donated $1 million dollars to After School Matters, a Chicago nonprofit organization that funds after school programs, which is further evidence of his passion for creating quality educational opportunities for kids.

Like many people, Derrick Rose recognizes the untapped potential of underserved youth in America and knows how vital it is to provide them with adequate opportunities to thrive. It is for this reason that LeBron James, who recently helped open a new school in Akron, Ohio, tweeted his support of Rose’s initiative using the hashtag #MoreThanAnAthlete. James is right. He and Derrick Rose are more than athletes, and Rose Scholars is a great example of why.  

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