Chef Tobias Dorzon Creating Social Change in the Kitchen

A native of Riverdale, Maryland, former NFL running back Tobias Dorzon continues to make a name for himself as a rising executive chef in Washington D.C.’s culinary circuit. Founder of Victory Chefs Catering launched in 2014 and The Victory Truck launched in 2018, Dorzon has built a loyal following as a private chef and caterer for professional athletes and celebrities nationwide since leaving his professional football career behind a few years ago.

Photo: Tobias Dorzon

Photo: Tobias Dorzon

Dorzon became well-acquainted with the kitchen from an early age, helping his Liberian immigrant father run a West African restaurant in Washington D.C. starting when he was seven years old. While football provided Dorzon with the opportunity to go to college and make a living, he continued honing his culinary skills throughout his professional football career, enrolling in the The Art Institute of Washington in the off-seasons. Wanting to be closer to family, he ultimately decided to pursue his passion for food full-time after stints with the Tennessee Titans, Tampa Bay Buccaneers and the Canadian Football League.

Dorzon’s culinary achievements go much deeper than his exquisitely prepared plates though. From regularly serving food to the homeless to his plans to host a free, one-week culinary camp this summer in his hometown for underserved youth, Dorzon is passionate about giving back to his DMV community and lifting up others alongside him.

As a role model for young food enthusiasts of color, Dorzon is also a proud entrepreneur and advocate for black business ownership in addition to being a gifted chef. A recent winner of Guy Fieri’s “Guy’s Grocery Games” on the Food Network and one of few black chefs represented in the media, Dorzon is on a mission to inspire young people to strive far beyond society’s expectations and overcome systemic barriers to their success.

“Never let anybody put a cap on what you want to achieve. There are things we want to accomplish in life, things that we’re scared to chase because we think it might not get done because of our skin color. But nobody can rewrite the book that God already made for us.”

Not only does Dorzon continue to prove himself as so much more than an athlete, his efforts to empower underserved youth through the culinary arts and show them a career path they may not have otherwise thought possible also make him so much more than a chef!

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