Chase Minnifield Empowers Athletes and Minorities Through Entrepreneurship

Photo: Chase Minnifield

Photo: Chase Minnifield

After a brief NFL career as a cornerback with the Washington Redskins, Chase Minnifield is making a name for himself off the field, having successfully transitioned from professional athlete to tech entrepreneur.

Named among this year’s Forbes 30 Under 30 honorees in the sports category, the 30-year old business owner and former University of Virginia standout is founder and CEO of two quickly growing companies, one which has created 1,000 jobs and generated millions in revenue, while the other has acquired more than 30 clients and managed over $1 million in invoices in its first year.

While Minnifield ultimately found success, his career journey after the Redskins released him in 2014 was far from easy. It wasn’t until a year later that he discovered his purpose, eventually launching his two companies: Helping Hand LLC, a company that offers housing services to college students and college housing managers across campuses; and EZ Turn, a digital platform that allows managers to communicate with vendors regarding student housing issues.

Describing the post-playing transition as "the most dangerous period for any athlete,” Minnifield wants to empower other athletes and minorities who face hurdles transitioning to entrepreneurship and help them conquer mental barriers to the business world.  For athletes and other underserved individuals who aspire to entrepreneurship, Minnifield offers franchising opportunities through Helping Hand LLC and provides resources and one-on-one mentoring support.

"I really want to get rid of that stigma," Minnifield said. "Let's change the perspective of how to see entrepreneurship and see there's an opportunity, it's around us in every form and fashion."

As a retired NFL player, Minnifield hopes his experience making a successful career transition after football and building his businesses will inspire other athletes to realize and believe in their potential to become entrepreneurs too. In addition to his companies, Minnifield also founded the Minnifield Foundation to provide empowerment and inspiration to underserved youth through arts, academics and athletes. 

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