Carlos Correa Supports Hurricane Relief Efforts Around the U.S.

Carlos Correa, Puerto Rican native and shortstop for the Houston Astros, is just as committed to making a positive impact on the field as he is off it. Last year, the 2017 World Series champion came to the rescue not only on the diamond but in his home and adopted communities as well.

Photo: ABC13 Houston

Photo: ABC13 Houston

After Hurricane Harvey slammed Houston in August 2017, Correa and Texas Mattress Makers partnered with Houston’s Children Charity on its “A Better Night's Sleep Program" to provide 500 new mattresses and beds for local children and families, many who lost them in the storm.  

However, Hurricane Harvey was not Correa’s first time working with the organization. In 2016, Correa helped Houston’s Children Charity distribute mattresses, frames, sheets, pillows and blankets to 150 local children. "It was a really special moment for me and something I've always wanted to do," Correa stated. "I wanted to share my time, share those beds with the kids. It was an unbelievable experience."

Houston’s Children Charity established the bed program in 2007, and since then, the organization has given more than 7,000 beds to children in the greater Houston area. Correa felt compelled to support the initiative because he knows how crucial a good night’s sleep is to academic success, and in his case, professional success. The bed program aims to reduce the exacerbating effects of poor sleep, particularly for children with learning disabilities and other special needs.

Correa also stepped up to the plate after Hurricane Maria hit home in Puerto Rico. When he discovered the millions of dollars he and other athletes had raised were not reaching the intended recipients, he took matters into his own hands, knowing the lives of his grandparents and other family members were on the line.

Before cellular service went dead in Puerto Rico, Correa and his siblings in the U.S. told their homebound grandparents, “I love you,” for what they thought might be the last time. Fortunately, Correa’s grandma was finally able to call him back, after which he immediately contacted Astros’ owner Jim Crane, who provided cargo planes for shipping food, water and other supplies to desperate residents. Correa even surprised local children with a daylong toy drive.

Correa’s efforts extend beyond Houston and Puerto Rico as well. He recently sponsored a free baseball clinic in North Carolina and presented gifts to 17 underserved families from the area, many still reeling from Hurricane Florence in September. In addition to disaster relief, Correa supports other causes too. On November 10, Correa and teammate Josh Reddick hosted over 100 children with physical and developmental disabilities at Minute Maid Park in Houston in order to give them the Major League Baseball player experience.

Although Correa has rightfully earned praise for his charitable efforts, he is not in it for the attention, stating, “You don't do it for publicity. You don't do it for people to recognize you. You do it because you want people to have a better life."

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