Bart Scott and Antoine Walker Teach Financial Literacy to Young Athletes

As young athletes enter the lucrative sports and entertainment world, financial know-how is critical to long-term success. That’s why former NFL linebacker Bart Scott and former NBA forward Antoine Walker continue to dedicate themselves to teaching athletes financial literacy and money management skills for future careers beyond sports. 

Photo: Edyoucore Sports & Entertainment

Photo: Edyoucore Sports & Entertainment

Former Morgan Stanley Global Sports & Entertainment (GSE) division managing director Drew Hawkins recently founded Edyoucore Sports & Entertainment, a financial education program based in Maryland. Partnering with former athletes like Scott and Walker, who tell stories of their financial journeys in order to help participants enhance their own decision-making capabilities, the company offers in-person and digital advising sessions on topics like credit, taxes, savings and retirement.

“Bart and Antoine are a tremendous asset for Edyoucore,” Hawkins said. “They bring their real-life experiences to help shape our curriculum so that we are hitting on specific financial topics most important to the athletes that we work with. They also help Edyoucore’s credibility when we conduct in-person sessions, while making them more interactive and engaging. They are passionate about this subject and giving back which makes their participation genuine.”

Throughout Walker’s 13-year career as a professional basketball player earning millions of dollars, the NBA champion and three-time NBA All-Star had little financial management experience and encountered serious financial issues, including gambling debts and bankruptcy. A consultant with Morgan Stanley GSE for the past several years alongside Scott, Walker is using his mistakes to provide much-needed foundational financial education to help young athletes build secure futures. 

“I approach it as I can help out some guys that play and hear how I made my mistakes and use those mistakes as a warning,” Walker said. “I can be part of the solution and make sure they don’t make the same mistakes I did, letting the world know I made some mistakes but turned those negatives into positives.”

Over their past few years as financial mentors, Scott and Walker have spoken to thousands of athletes, including NFL quarterbacks Lamar Jackson and Dak Prescott, about the importance of sound financial decision-making.