Allen Crabbe Honored With Basketball Court After Saving School

Frederick K.C. Price III Christian Schools in South Los Angeles honored alumnus and Brooklyn Nets guard Allen Crabbe during a ceremony on March 20 for his six-figure donation last summer to save the school from financial demise. Fittingly, Price paid tribute to Crabbe by naming its basketball court in his honor.

Photo: Price Schools

Photo: Price Schools

Crabbe carved out time in between a series of away games on the West Coast to attend the court naming ceremony, which featured performances by the school’s dance team and drum line as well as a music video written and performed by Price students. Joining Crabbe for the occasion were Nets teammates including D’Angelo Russell and head coach Kenny Atkinson.

Not only is Price Crabbe’s alma mater where he attended school from pre-K until his senior year of high school, it’s also his family’s legacy. Crabbe’s grandparents and aunt founded the school 33 years ago. They also established the neighboring Crenshaw Christian Center which subsidizes the school.

Crabbe’s mother, Cheryl, is also involved with the school, as well as his uncle who is pastor of the Crenshaw Christian Center. Additionally, his godfather coaches the basketball team, which Crabbe led to a state title his senior year before heading north to University of California, Berkeley.

With a 100 percent graduation rate and 100 percent acceptance rate into four-year universities, the school hopes to increase enrollment from its 175 students in addition to increasing financial support.  Through his experience funding the school, Crabbe has learned the power of his platform and resources, and he is committed to keep using them to ensure the school’s doors stay open.

"My donation, once people caught wave of it, started getting other people sending donations in," stated Crabbe. “I'm still thinking of other ideas and things I can do to raise money for the school. It's a work in progress still, but I'm going to do whatever it takes for it to stay open.

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